Paying to have bees removed

Have you ever wondered how they collect honey.  I had a class in college and learned s about beekeeping as well as how to keep the colony is thriving.  I was especially interested in beekeeping and considered it as a potential hobby. Unfortunately, I learned that it was too expensive  as well as time consuming. I eventually had to pass on that. My research did, however, provide me the know-how of how a hive operates, which turned out to be helpful a few years later.  My boyfriend is extremely allergic to bees. He and I are super careful whenever we go out and make sure to have his epipen with us. The epipen is is a way for him to access life saving medicine in the event of a sting.  When he noticed an active hive in a hollow log at the rear of his property, we needed to relocate it right away. We both tried calling multiple numbers we’d found online, but they wanted way too much money for simply transferring the hive.  The class I’d taken came in handy. I sent my boyfriend to his dad’s apartment for a few nights while I got organized to handle the removal process. I borrowed the clothing I needed from the university and they also provided gave me the container to put them in.  Once the hive was properly contained, my former teacher told me I could call him to come collect it from me. I carefully followed all the procedures and safely collected the queen. Once I had her, the rest of the hive followed her scent and went straight into the container without a problem.  It took nearly three hours for the bees to calm enough that it was finally safe to seal the container. The next day, gathered the honeycomb from the tree .

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