Late Night Bar

I love to go to my local all night bar on the weekends. I usually go with my good pal, and we stay there all night till around 4am. The best time to go is in the summer time months because the bar has a really good heating and air conditioning system in there. The air conditioning system makes for a really great night. We actually do not drink much while we are hanging out there all night. What we do is watch all the local bands that come in and play and just enjoy the central air conditioning system unit they have going. There is no smoking allowed in the bar except in one area that is closed off from the rest of the bar. So, the air quality in the place is totally clean and great along with the air conditioning where we hang out. I actually spoke with the manager of the bar about their central heating and air conditioning system and they told me that they invested a whole ton of cash into the central heating and air conditioning system in that place. I could not imagine that such a small time operation like a neighborhood bar would invest so much money into central heating and cooling! But, the true fact was, that the central heating and air conditioning system helped bring in more people on those hot and muggy summer nights. And in my opinion, it was a wonderful and sneaky business related trick. All I know, is that me and my pal love that central heating and air conditioning system!

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Garage In The Summer

Working in my garage fixing either old cars or working on my wood shop hobby is something I have the most time to do during the summer time months. Because of this, I actually converted my garage into a sort of hide away and work room combo. To do this, I had to have half way decent air quality and good air conditioning. So I invested in a ductless mini split system to be able to make this possible. A ductless mini split system air conditioning system was not too much money to have installed in just my converted garage. It was a lot cheaper than extending my home’s central heating and air conditioning system into the garage as well as also having to pay for having brand new and very up to date ductwork ran and installed into the garage. The ductless mini split air conditioning system is just what it says…it is totally ductless and no ductwork running required to run the air conditioning system. This could also become a ductless mini split heating as well as air conditioning system. I actually had both installed. The reason I did, is because sometimes in the winter time months I actually sometimes do some work in my wood shop hobby. Not as often, but I still do. So having quality heating is also important in my garage as it was for the air conditioning in the summer time months of the year when I spend most of my time in here. It worked out all so well and I highly recommend the ductless mini split heating and cooling system.

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Cargo van needs two heaters

I’ve always been a big fan of road trips. I know that they aren’t for everyone – a lot of people say that they can’t sit in the car for that long of a time and they get restless. I don’t usually feel that way. I can easily settle into a drive and sit comfortably for up to 12 hours at once. It’s no problem to stare off at the scenery and let my mind wander gently from topic to topic as the hours fly by. One of the biggest recommendations I can give to anyone who normally feels tortured by long road trips is to invest in a van. Having enough space is essential for comfort. Recently, we even rented a large cargo van for one of our trips. This thing was amazing! It drove like a dream and we had so much room for our belongings. The one downside of having so much space was trying to maintain the proper air quality within the cab. As we drove on our long trip, the outdoor air drastically changed from a warm and humid air quality to a dry and bitterly cold climate. The van wasn’t exactly equipped to combat the brutally cold and blustery air outside, it turns out. Even with the onboard heater blasting at full power, we noticed that the air temperature fluctuated wildly from hot to cold. The heater seemed like it could not maintain a high level of heat or air flow. It also felt like the cold air from outside was easily permeating the uninsulated metal walls, chilling the van from all sides. Thank god we know enough as expert travelers to keep extra blankets on board. I don’t think the van’s heater could survive our heating demands.

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Rich house radiant heated floor

I am being honest when I say that I grew up in poverty and have developed a lot of classist beliefs from my early years. I do not find wealth to be attractive or something to envy; instead I think that it is disgusting and counterproductive to society. When I meet someone and they reveal a rich family or lack of student debt, I have a tendency to back away quickly. Yes, my opinions are definitely pretty hard-lined. That being said, I recently had one of the most wonderful experiences with a fantastically wealthy man who I met through my work. He invited me over to discuss further business ventures together, and I quickly fell in love with his lifestyle. More specifically, I quickly fell in love with his central heating and cooling system that ran his lifestyle at home. When I first walked into his home, I couldn’t help but notice that the air felt cleaner and more consistent than other places. I normally feel a lot of disturbing drafts and cold air pockets when I walk around in forced air heating and cooling systems, but somehow there was a calm and constant quality to the air in his house unlike anything I’ve felt before. I spent an hour or so playing it cool and pretending that I wasn’t distracted by the high quality heat that surrounded my entire body, but eventually I had to ask how his indoor air felt so amazing. He graciously told me that he recently had his central heating system replaced with radiant heated flooring and shrugged it off like it didn’t matter. Meanwhile, I went home cursing myself for my failures that prevented me from becoming rich enough for radiant heated floors.

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Being able to rely on your HVAC company

There are a few people in life that it’s good to have a great, professional relationship with. Your doctor, your dentist, your hairdresser, your lawyer, your accountant, and so on. However, there is one person that a lot of people overlook sometimes, and it’s someone who is just as important as any given one of those people: your HVAC service guy! Yeah, if you think about it, you really want to be able to rely on him, don’t you? He’s the one that makes sure that you remain comfortable in the coldest of winters and the hottest of Summers, after all! He’s the one that inspects your air conditioning system before the summer comes. When he tells you that everything’s up and running and good to go, you want to be able to believe him. Otherwise your HVAC system may very well breakdown on the hottest day of the year! Conversely, in the winter time, you also want to be sure that you are in good hands when it comes to furnace maintenance. Who wants their furnace to conk out on them in the middle of the night during single-digit weather, with snow falling outside? No one sane, that’s for sure! So I guess what I’m saying is you need to find an HVAC company and an HVAC serviceman that you can trust and rely on. When you’re in the hands of a good HVAC company that will take care of you throughout the year, you can rest easier, and more comfortably! So get a hold of a good HVAC company today, you won’t regret it!

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Smart thermostats are the future

There are quite a few items and devices that I don’t consider to be in need of becoming “smart.” Sometimes, this tendency to mix unnecessary technology and Wi-Fi with what are usually mundane devices seems absurd. Take for example, the fact that a certain company has come out with “smart shoes.” You can literally press a button on your smartphone to lace them up automatically. It’s quite unnecessary, but I must admit, it’s cool in theory, kind of like hoverboards or flying cars. While that’s all well and good, I recently discovered smart technology that turned out to be very helpful to me. I upgraded my old “dumb” thermostat to a smart one. No, that doesn’t mean that it sets temperatures that it deems best because it knows better than I would, I certainly would not tolerate that. Instead, setting the temperature and general environment in my home has become a whole lot easier and convenient for me as a result of getting a smart thermostat. If I want to to manually set the temperature, I can do so via any smart device I possess, from anywhere in the house, and furthermore, anywhere in the world! This is so convenient! Also, there is another facet to the “smart” part of the smart thermostat. Eventually, as you set your own temperature preferences and schedules, the smart thermostat begins to learn those preferences so it can eventually set itself to temperatures and conditions that you would prefer, all on its own. That is so cool and totally worth the investment!

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Moving down to the South and climate control

I remember when I first moved down south and near the beach, I was so excited to get some sun and a tan. It was only early April when we moved, but it felt like summer to me! The following weekend after moving in all our stuff into our new home, me and my wife took a trip to the beach. It happened to be a beautiful day, and the crash of the waves in the sunshine and the pretty, white beach was captivating. It was so mesmerizing even, that we ended up falling asleep on our beach blankets. That is when we learned a thing or two about the southern heat and weather. First of all, by the time we woke up we were sunburned pretty badly. Second of all, what woke us up was big fat raindrops falling from a darkened sky and crackling thunder, where once there was sunshine. By the time we got home, wet and badly sunburned, we learned how comforting good air conditioning could be in the south. The cool air felt great on our burned skin. Also, we had bought some aloe gel on the way home, which felt absolutely amazing to apply to our reddened and sensitive skin!  We thought the weather was going to be delightful down here. The truth is, it can be sometimes. But it can also change at a moment’s notice. We have really come to appreciate our climate control system, because it keeps us comfortable no matter how erratic the weather or temperature is down here in the south.

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My favorite coffee shop in college

When I was in college I did a lot of my studying and brainstorming for papers and projects in a little coffee shop not far from campus. It was clear that the owners liked to cater to college students, and I could see that it was a good racket. They sold really good coffee and pastries and sandwiches and provided an environment that was very conducive for studying and fellowship. I don’t live as close to my college town anymore, but even if it was merely for the sake of that coffee shop alone, I wish I did. Not only was the coffee great, but the climate control was always on point. You could always count on the coffee shop to keep you perfectly comfortable no matter the time of year. I did not need to wear any extra layers in there during the winter. Plus, the air conditioning system felt so wonderful in the summertime, it was hard to leave. There were even times when the staff would have to wake me up and coax me out of the shop around 11 in the evening, because I had passed out while studying! They were always really nice about catering to us college students. They were not watching us like hawks, making sure that everyone who was in the building had paid for at least one item. Though, it was an unspoken courtesy that we would buy something while we were in there. The climate control system made the environment so delightful, I was more than happy to support the business!

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Outdated hotel has fantastic air conditioner –

Last winter, I took my wife and kids on a ten-day vacation to a tropical location. I wanted to be located right on the beach. Unfortunately, the accommodations in close proximity to the ocean are super expensive. Since I didn’t expect to spend much time in the room, I opted for the least costly hotel accommodations I could find. I figured we’d only take advantage of the room for sleeping and showers. What did it matter if the room was cramped and outdated? I didn’t think we needed to pay extra for an on-site swimming pool, fitness center, laundry facilities or restaurant. The first day of our vacation, we immediately headed to the beach. My family had a great time swimming in the ocean, building sand castles, lying in the sun and collecting sea shells.  We spent the entire day on the beach. We even ate our lunch and dinner at a spot right on the water. Although we were careful about applying sunblock, the whole family ended up horribly sunburned. The following day, no one wanted to head outside. We were trapped inside that tiny hotel room and very appreciative of the air conditioner. Although the mattress on the bed was lumpty, the pillows thin and the sheets scratchy, the air conditioner was wonderful. We had very little hot water for showers but plenty of cool air from the HVAC unit. The air conditioner was a small, dented and ancient system with very few options for operation. We could turn the unit on or off, and that’s about it. The air smelled a little bit musty, but the air conditioner kept that hotel room freezing cold. With our sunburns, it felt terrific.

My Friend’s Wedding

Last summer, I had to attend a friend’s wedding as the best man. My pal was getting married and he has been my best pal since childhood. He is getting married a bit late in life, but, some folks just do not meet that right one until later in their lives. The wedding itself went really smooth and we all had a really nice time seeing our friend tie the knot with the love of his life. However, the wedding reception had some issues going on. The air conditioning in the place was not working right and it was a really hot day. The air ducts seemed to have not been giving out the air conditioning as they should have been. Smack in the middle of the wedding reception, the owners of the hall that was rented made a brave move and called an emergency heating and air conditioning specialist to come out and fix the air conditioning issue. While we were all sweating and dying in the place, the heating and air conditioning specialist was up inside the air ducts and the ductwork doing some ductwork cleaning, as well as he was looking at the industrial sized heating and air conditioning unit that pumped the air conditioning through the entire hall. After about an hour and a half, the air conditioning system was fixed and we all cheered with glee and were very over the moon about it. The party then resumed and we kept it going all night into the wee hours of the morning. The my pal and his new wife went off to get some sleep and get ready for their honeymoon!

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