I enjoy the process

My husband and I have been house hunting for the past 3 months. Though it’s a very tedious and arduous process we still enjoy almost every minute of it. There are a few things that we absolutely must have. We value our comfort over the Aesthetics of the home so we’re prioritizing performance overlooks. First and foremost we need Central Heating and central air conditioning to make sure we survive the dire seasons as the years go by. We really wish to remain comfortable in any certain climate or temperature that we may be going through. It’s kind of ironic when we speak to Realtors  and we asked them about the various appliances in a minute ease that they have rather than the square footage or what else the house may or may not offer. When we explain how Central Heating and central air conditioning are valuable to our comfort they begin to understand where our priorities lie. Hopefully we’ll find a home within the next month or two.

commercial comfort 

This building is nice and toasty

I have absolutely been stressed of late and decided to take a few days off to refresh my mind.  During this, I went to a meditation center to take some classes… I absolutely enjoyed them but wondered how well I would be able to apply the techniques to our everyday life.  According to our instructor, several minutes of meditation a day can reduce stress and help you remain more focused throughout the day. As a corporate executive I never seem to have any time to relax so if this whole several minute thing works, it would be great! They said that I should sit in a quiet location with natural light, close my eyes, and think of a warm and sunny locale.  Did I mention that I live in a frozen tundra for several weeks out of the year. Things were going pretty nice and I absolutely felt it was going great, that is until yesterday. I was just starting to envision myself on a warm and sunny park when I realized that it was certainly really warm in our house. I was finding it harder and harder to relax because I was covered in sweat. I became evident that there was a complication with our HVAC system.  The house was getting uncomfortable and I had to shut the furnace off completely and call the HVAC dealer. They made an appointment for later that day. I was grateful that they had an available so early. Being mentally in a warmer locale for relaxation is 1 thing; being physically overheated is another.

indoor comfort 

This truly is great

When I was ten, I built a truly spectacular spaceship out of some old, discarded components from a salvage yard that was behind my house. I used to go there all the time to explore as well as find cool things to play with. Then one fine day, I found the refrigerating tubes as well as square ductwork hallways of an old, industrial-sized central heating and air conditioning system just propped up on a pile of useless junk. I remember being there for hours trying to collect all the pieces of that central air system, so I could make the coolest spaceship ever! There are moments when you’re a kid that even the discarded carcass of a central heating and air conditioning system. Its tubes, as well as linings and vents, can suddenly turn into the world’s greatest and most technologically advanced spacecraft. There was no level of air conditioning repair could help. However that was okay – this was not an air conditioner, or a central heating unit, or anything appreciate that – it was a spacecraft capable of faster than light speed travel. This was not a task for an HVAC service provider – no, I would need a section professional, an engineer of the highest degree. Even with discarded things, with things that are left to the wayside, a person can always find another use for it. Even if it’s an ancient heating and air conditioning system, your imagination can always turn it into something new, something fresh. That’s the power of thought as well as creativity, after all. Even to this day, I still collect old, useless junk just like that ductwork – you never suppose where and when you might put it to use. You never suppose when you’ll become a kid again.

central HVAC 

I manage a lot of people

There were twenty people in the yoga studio that day; It was July, in the height of summer season. The news said it was around one hundred degrees out. This is really hot for my town, and it was made even worse by the addition of a cramped space with twenty people who are perspiring, exerting force and adding all that body heat to the mix. No problem, just turn on the central air conditioning system, right? Wrong. It was broken. I had never sweated more in my life than on that day. I swear, I must have lost over thirty pounds of water weight in less than an hour/ Eventually, a group of us couldn’t take it anymore, so we banded together to do an internet search for the quickest available air conditioner repair technician we could find. A company, a serviceman, a repairman, a serviceman—it didn’t matter the title; we just needed someone, anyone, there to help us out. That yoga studio was starting to turn into an oven! They told the director of the gym that it would take at least two hours before anyone could get there. Air conditioning repair is a costly and time consuming process, as it turns out – well, at least for our gym that day, anyway. They said it might need a vent cleaning as well; there could be some obstruction that was causing the stalling of cool air in the air conditioner condenser unit. The director of the gym didn’t care what was wrong, he just wanted the problem addressed plus fixed. In any case, a couple hours later, the equipment was cleaned and repaired. The second we heard the air conditioner equipment kick on, it started to push cool air throughout the gym. As soon as it touched our skin, there was a collective sigh of relief from the entire room! I had never heard something care about that before in my life. It was hilarious!

HVAC install 

This is pretty casual

I still can’t believe it, my son is dating our central heater and A/C maintenance technician. I mean, I should have seen it over the years; he would regularly be trying to flirt with the man when he would come over to work on our central heater and A/C equipment… He was a young guy as well, and I have to admit, he is superb at what he does. But it particularly threw me off when he started dating my son. My husband actually knew before I did and as he was blissful about it; he thought they were a perfect match. My son was in college at the time, it seems he is more interested in the heating and cooling industry because of this young man. I guess it would be superb if he went into the heating and A/C industry, as they seriously need more people now working as servicemans. There’s superb cash involved I know, so I would definitely be proud. I just hope he wants to go that route for all the right reasons. I swear if this young man breaks my son’s heart, he’s going to regret it! I guess that occasionally I’m a bit overprotective of my son, that’s my baby boy. He means more than the world to me. This whole thing just threw me off guard. He hadn’t taken any serious interest in a lot of guys, just some casual dating here as well as there. This relationship seems to be a lot more serious for him. I’ll just take this by day by day to see how things go with them. The superb news is, the young man regularly gives us a sizable discount on our central heater and A/C maintenance now. Of course, if he hurts my daughter, that discount won’t save him!

heating unit 

I would love to add cooling

I own a martial arts academy that I actually am proud of. I have some of the best students that train at my academy. The setup is very comfortable, in addition to this I have tons of training equipment. I encourage new members to sign up all of the time. I get most of our students through word of mouth though. The thing that I assume helps the most with our school is the powerful HVAC equipment I had installed. I made sure to invest in a top-of-the-line heating and cooling system. It’s powerful for the gym’s size so it’s constantly nice and cool in the summer, and perfectly warm in the Wintertime. One thing I can say, there’s nothing that ruins a martial arts class like being overheated in the dojo. I suppose that’s why the members at our academy are so loyal that they keep coming back. I’m always ready to offer tips in addition to pointers to my students, as I used to be a serious fighter in my day. I actually  earned a little bit of fame at one time, so some of the students already knew who I was. I am never surprised when people recognize me because I was in some famous fights. I don’t mean to brag though, I’m content just running our gym and getting to training some of the most talented martial artists. I can have pride knowing that the best come from our school. I also will constantly have pride in our excellent quality HVAC system and work diligently to take fantastic care of it. I am enrolled in an HVAC equipment repair plan with our local heating and air conditioning maintenance technicians. They come in on a regular basis, four times a month to make sure everything is operating at full capacity.


How did I ever get by

It’s funny how mowing the grass can make everything so dusty.  I thinks its because he goes through the driveway that isn’t paved, but he won’t admit that.   Either way, I have dust all over everything in my house. If it were warm season, I could turn on the cooling system, plus the air purification system  and it would clear the dust out of the house. Since it is still springtime, I leave the windows open. I dust my home office every other morning, because I see the settled dust all over everything.  I imagine that the dust is on my bed covers so I shake them out daily, before I get into bed. In a way, I wish it were toasty enough to turn on the a/c, so I don’t have as much job to do. I even offered a dust rag to my mom so he had something to do, although he says he can’t do the job because of her dust irritations.  We do have a portable air cleaner for the house, but as much dust as comes into the house, it doesn’t do a lot of good. Even though the dust is still present, as least all of us can still breathe. The air cleaner was a fantastic purchase for us. I used to suffer with my seasonal allergies, from the first bud that appeared in the trees and then on the flowers.  The windows would be shut plus I was in agony. The portable air cleaner has helped to eliminate over ninety percent of the allergens, even with the windows open. I have no idea what I did before the air cleaner.

climate control 

I really want things to work out

The two of us prefer traveling, as long as it doesn’t have to be some type of event that’s full of stressors. The two of us try to be working on top, just to be very clear. The two of us packed as well as have our things ready in the car before departing on our trip. During the morning of our Tuesday trip, the two of us pack up our dog as well as cat, as well as load every single article into our four door car. This is always when my bestie decides to start packing a bag. The two of us generally get into a few arguments about this, because he genuinely decides to wait until there are only several minutes left before we leave. It doesn’t seem too surprised the two of us any longer, but it still is genuinely a huge pain. With my bestie rushing out the door before we leave, the two of us often forget to turn off the furnace as well as cooling device. A few years ago, the two of us turned off the furnace as well as cooling device, before going on a 10-day long Excursion. The two of us ended up saving close to $100 on our furnace as well as cooling bill. This time, the two of us genuinely forgot to adjust the thermostat for our furnace as well as cooling device. We were several days into our trip, when one of us remembered that we had not adjusted the furnace as well as cooling device in our dwelling. A smart thermostat for Christmas would certainly help to make sure this event doesn’t happen in the future.

air conditioner 

The temperature is far too low

Every one of us doesn’t like having to move around, because it can certainly be the type of absolutely stressful event that no one likes. Everyone in addition to myself has things packed in suitcases in addition to ready to make the flight before we make our departure in the morning. It always seems to happen on the morning of our flight, that my husband chooses to start getting his packing done. Ion doubtedly have all of our critters loaded and packed into our Jeep, in addition to then my husband undoubtedly decides it’s time to get things around. This absolutely causes me to have a terrible amount of anxiety, as my hubby continues to complicate everything. That happened a few days ago, in addition to the fact that everyone of us on doubtedly forgot to adjust our Heating in addition to A/C component. We absolutely knew we would be gone for days, in addition to wanted to make sure that heating in addition to A/C component would not run during the whole time that we work on. When everyone of us failed to shut down the furnace in addition to A/C component, we found out that our energy bills were skyrocketing everyday. My hubby in addition to myself need a smart thermostat component, so we can absolutely change the settings on our Heating in addition to A/C component. Even if we forget before leaving the house, one of us could still access the heating in addition to A/C component using our smartphone, home personal computer,  or tablet.

I just don’t know what to do here

When everyone leaves the village for quite some time, it can be definitely stressful event. I’m consistently up-to-date on my tasks, to be relative here. I have most things packed and always ready for the evening, before anyone needs to depart. Good morning times during our trip, I have the pets packed up and already loaded inside of the vehicle. Then I can help my girlfriend to get all of the packing controlled. This is always the biggest problem, because my girlfriend constantly wakes up late and can’t even think about what she wants to bring along on our day trip. She truly complicates many things and causes my anxiety to be in under drive. That’s why I’m surprised that we don’t turn off the thermostat, when we leave from the house. The very last message on our mind is worrying about the furnace and A/C method in our place. The only days that we commonly think about the heating and A/C method is when the electric bills are sky-high and roof light. This will be the time when we talk about changing our schedule for the heating and A/C method. I try not to kid anybody, and I just tried to find Solutions rather than worrying about those problems. I think it would be best to buy some presents for my girlfriend this year like and alarm clock that dings really loudly and a thermostat that can be controlled from outside of our residence. These would be the type of things to help in these long road trip situations.

central A/C