Outdoor unit is not turning on for multiple homeowners this week

There are a lot of things that can go wrong if you work at a heating and cooling company.

I’ve experienced our servicemen not be able to complete a job because a particular HVAC part was never delivered to our office.

I’ve seen angry customers come to our office threatening to sue us because they wanted an earlier appointment to get their heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit serviced. But most of the time you can see common heating and cooling problems repeat over and over. Just recently this week we’ve heard that a homeowner’s outdoor unit would not start. This is a very common problem that we have heard a lot lately. An outdoor unit can consist of either a air conditioner or heat pump. There are many things that can prevent a air conditioner or heat pump from not starting. Some causes of this are: a faulty thermostat contractor or capacitor and a faulty time delay relay. These issues should be resolved by a professional heating and cooling technician. Some common homeowner fixes that would result in a outdoor unit not starting up is a blown fuse in the panel box, the circuit breaker tripped or it’s off, or the emergency or shut off switch is turned off. These are simple fixes that normally don’t require a heating and cooling technician to fix. It’s that time of year where everyone is trying to get their air conditioning ready and for it to be turned on so it can battle the hot upcoming summer months.

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