Outdoor concerts and no a/c

The two of us love attending concerts that happened to be outdoors. Sometimes, the outdoor elements can make watching the concert less enjoyable. The two of us generally prefer outdoor venues, because there are always a lot more great seats to be had. Recently, the two of us decided to attend a Doobie Brothers concert in the park. The temperatures outside were frigid + Cold, plus the two of us absolutely couldn’t realize why they decided to have this event outdoors in winter. With no heating component Outdoors, the two of us struggled to stay warm. The two of us tried to stay near some of the guest buildings, but during the concert it was nothing but cold cold air. Without having any type of furnace at all, the two of us had a hard time enjoying the outdoor concert event. The two of us vowed never to attend an outdoor concert in the winter again. That surely didn’t last very long, because the very next winter was a music festival. The two of us decided to attend the music festival, even though we both knew it would be terribly cold without any type of heating component. The two of us thought we could dress warmly, in order to make up for the lack of a heating component. The two of us realized very quickly, that several layers of clothing were not going to help with the blistering cold wind moving through the venue. We ended up leaving the concert early, to go back home to sit by our gas furnace.

cooling set up