Outdated hotel has fantastic air conditioner –

Last winter, I took my wife and kids on a ten-day vacation to a tropical location. I wanted to be located right on the beach. Unfortunately, the accommodations in close proximity to the ocean are super expensive. Since I didn’t expect to spend much time in the room, I opted for the least costly hotel accommodations I could find. I figured we’d only take advantage of the room for sleeping and showers. What did it matter if the room was cramped and outdated? I didn’t think we needed to pay extra for an on-site swimming pool, fitness center, laundry facilities or restaurant. The first day of our vacation, we immediately headed to the beach. My family had a great time swimming in the ocean, building sand castles, lying in the sun and collecting sea shells.  We spent the entire day on the beach. We even ate our lunch and dinner at a spot right on the water. Although we were careful about applying sunblock, the whole family ended up horribly sunburned. The following day, no one wanted to head outside. We were trapped inside that tiny hotel room and very appreciative of the air conditioner. Although the mattress on the bed was lumpty, the pillows thin and the sheets scratchy, the air conditioner was wonderful. We had very little hot water for showers but plenty of cool air from the HVAC unit. The air conditioner was a small, dented and ancient system with very few options for operation. We could turn the unit on or off, and that’s about it. The air smelled a little bit musty, but the air conditioner kept that hotel room freezing cold. With our sunburns, it felt terrific.