Our windows needed insulated

I really enjoyed growing up where there was a lot of snow and winter weather.

I loved playing outside and then coming inside and laying on the sofa while drinking my hot cocoa.

I sat on the sofa in front of the fireplace, feeling the warmth as it flowed through me. I hated moving away from the fireplace because the rest of the house was really cold. We had a good heating system, but no matter what dad did, it was still cold in the house. He thought the insulation was enough, but apparently he was wrong. There was air coming in around the windows. The first thing he bought was some insulation film which was supposed to block out the cold air. When that didn’t work, he bought some rope insulation and he used some heavy bubble wrap that mom had lying around, and attached it to the windows. When the cold air was still coming in, he and mom went shopping for heavy curtains. He wanted insulated curtains that he could put up to the windows. We were all amazed at how well insulated curtains were able to keep the cold of winter and the heat of summer, out of the house. Our furnace seemed to be working so much better that winter. When summer arrived, dad was telling mom that their energy bills were lower and the air conditioning wasn’t running nearly as much. He said if it weren’t for the new curtains, they would have gone broke. I’m glad they bought the insulated because I was selfish enough to like that I was comfortable now that the HVAC system was working so much better.


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