Our son, the HVAC technician

Every time we have a problem with the HVAC system, my husband wants to be the one to fix it.  He thinks that since our son can do the job, he should be able to do it too. Our son has gone to school for HVAC.  He doesn’t try to do the work of an electrician. He calls his dad, the electrical engineer, to do his electrical work.  No, my husband still feels that he should be able to handle fixing the furnace or air conditioning. I’ve seen him fix the air conditioning, when it had something to do with the electrical system.  He doesn’t know a lot of about the cooling system. I’m sure given enough time, he would figure it out, but when it is ninety degrees outside, I don’t want to give him that time. While he was fiddling around with the AC unit, I got my son on the phone.  I told him what was going on with the AC. He was pretty sure he knew exactly what the problem was. He told me he would pick up a part and he would be over before he went home. I was pretty sure my husband would still be diagnosing by then. He had to take his nap and do some thinking before he was able to do anything.  By the time our son showed up, he was ready to diagnose the air conditioning unit. Our son walked in asked him how he was. My husband was telling our son what he thought it was. Our son, always trying to be nice, said he had a part in the van that might work. Five minutes later, he had the AC working.

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