Our new mission

My husband has decided that he wants to save money on our energy bill. I am all for saving money, but I feel that if we are really going to do this then we need to go all in. We are having solar panels installed to our roof next week, this is something we have been wanting to do for years and we are finally in a position to do it. In addition to having solar panels installed, we are also also replacing all of our windows with energy star windows, and the same with our doors. All of our kitchen appliances are already energy star rated, so those are things we don’t need to upgrade and worry about. We are planning on purchasing a new washer and dryer in a few months so we can upgrade to energy start laundry setup. The last thing is our HVAC system. We already own an energy star and a newer model HVAC system so luckily we don’t need to have that upgraded. We replaced our HVAC system two years ago so we wont have to worry about upgrading that for awhile. We do need to have our HVAC technician out to our home for his annual visit though just to make sure everything is in tip top shape. It would be a waste to go to all of this trouble to make our home more energy efficient if we didn’t keep up with the maintenance of our HVAC system. If we decided to neglect the maintenance of our HVAC system then that would cause our HVAC system to work even harder and it wouldn’t last as long either and we can’t have that.

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