Our new house came with a powerful central air conditioner

After six long months of searching for a home, my wife and I finally found the perfect house.

We never imagined living in a gated subdivision with cookie cutter houses, but the price was hard to beat at only $200k.

Buying a three bedroom house in this area for that little is unheard of, let alone scoring something brand new in the process. Although the house looks rather plain on the outside, they put a degree of detail into the interior finish work. The ceramic tile is gorgeous, as well as the iridescent marble countertops, sinks, and bathroom vanity. Even the carpet in the bedrooms is a few cuts above average and feels plush and soft to the touch. But, what we love more than anything are the amazing appliances. They installed a glass cooktop oven range and a smart refrigerator that we can control remotely with our phones. Best of all, the central HVAC system in this house is amazing. It can get the house cold and bone dry in a little under an hour, regardless of the temperature outdoors. The ductwork is also tight and well insulated. Like our fridge, we have a smart thermostat that we can control from anywhere our phones can get a signal. This is especially handy for times when we are on vacation and we want to adjust the indoor climate according to whatever the weather patterns are at any given moment. Plus, if need be, we can turn the AC off if the house is dry enough, giving us a tiny bit of relief on our electric bill each month. Between that and the high efficiency of the machine to begin with, we are already seeing the savings each and every week.


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