Our HVAC unit was haunted

Our old HVAC unit was haunted.

As crazy as it sounds, when you hear the rest of the details, you will be convinced that our central air conditioner was indeed haunted.

It all started when we moved into a different neighborhood. The house we purchased was pretty new, but the previous owner who was an HVAC technician, wanted the central air conditioner transferred from his old home to this one since he had built the air conditioner with his own hands and it was very valuable to him. The old man passed away and we purchased the house along with his central air conditioner. It wasn’t long before we realized that something was up with the old central air conditioner because it was making strange noises and at night when the air container was running we would hear strange scratching noises coming from the air vents. My dad, who is an HVAC technician, decided to take the air conditioner apart and see if he could find the problem with it. My dad was shocked by the strange way that the old man had built the central air conditioner. Inside of it were strange parts that he had never seen before, along with a wired ora that made him uncomfortable. My dad took the air container to the heating and cooling business and tried to sell it, but to no avail. No HVAC company would buy the old air container, so my dad decided to sell it online. When it finally sold, we were happy to install a new and normal central air container for our home.

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