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When people are trying to choose their new heating and air conditioning systems to warm up or cool down, they often see the heating systems and cooling systems as two separate entities. Yes, many of these systems are “split” systems, not just in terms of where the system components are placed. However, not many people consider the fact that there’s a singular system out there that can do both. That, of course, is a heat pump system! I’ve had my own friends say that they prefer “feeling cold”, but the reality is that temperature control isn’t a game of hot versus cold – it’s a game of heat versus an absence of heat! A heat pump system can work to add heat, or remove it from an area, to ensure the occupants feel adequately warmed or cooled in the process. Even in the winter months, a heat pump system can still introduce heat into the house! Just as well, a heat pump can push hot air out and cause cool air to come in. It’s all about the pressure exchange – that’s what allows the heat pump to work! As you might guess, I have a heat pump at my house and I’m loving it. In the summer, this little guy works tirelessly to keep my house feeling comfortable without being too cool. Best of all, heat pumps are very efficient for energy use, so they’re a great option for the money-conscious customer.