Our first pleasant road trip

For years, I have driven around crappy cars that really should have never been on the road. These cars were hand-me-downs from many relatives and my mother-in-law helped me get the running so I would have a car to get to and from work. They had their issues, but they were decently reliable and I never had trouble getting to work. The only problem that I truly couldn’t stand was that these cars didn’t have cooling systems. Sure, they had heaters and I was always happy to be warm in the winter… But during the summer, the dark grey leather interior would heat up like a gas furnace… I would rather sit outside in the sunshine than climb in the car without a cooling system. The temperature would make all the seats hot to the touch and I would always be sweaty after only a short drive. The first time we went on a long, ten-hour road trip, I was so sad that we had no cooling system. We tried to charge the cooling system, but no cold air came out. It wouldn’t have been too bad if we could have kept the windows rolled down, but it rained a lot. This year, I purchased a new car and it had air conditioner. It feels so nice to drive around city with cold air blasting on my skin. Sometimes I turn the thermostat so cold that it makes me shiver because I am excited. We are about to head out on a road trip in many days and I am very excited. This will be the first road trip with a cooling system that we have taken!

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