Our dog loves air conditioners

Getting a dog will completely change your life. There completely change your schedule, your finances, your free time, and your morning and evening routines. In the case of our dob, it even changed our HVAC preferences and thermostat settings. We found ourselves setting the thermostat to the coldest settings that we could handle. You see, our dog is a long-haired dog that is built for colder temperatures. During the winter, we try to keep our dog outside as much as possible. She can’t stand the heat put off by the furnace. In fact, she would definitely rather hang out in the snow than hang out near the heating vent. However, during the summer, she doesn’t have the luck of cold, natural air. Instead, we have to use our air conditioner constantly to make the dog comfortable and the house cool. Unfortunately, our dog is the most comfortable in temperatures that we would consider polar. So we have to set the thermostat to a chilly temperature to get the central air conditioner running, and we have to have a room that we also have a window air conditioner that keeps the dog comfortable. We adjust that air conditioner to the lowest temperature possible, and we hope that the dog is comfortable. Although it makes our dog very happy, it is very expensive to use an air conditioner to make a room that cold. However, we purchased this dog, and we have to take care of her. If that means using the air conditioner, then so be it. I can afford to use the window air conditioner.

Cooling system