Our bedroom is great

One of the first jobs I had when I started living on my own was this tiny factory on a major industrial road in my city. It was so small because it wasn’t a factory–it was actually a major printing press. The company only had 50 employees total, but they printed napkins for the Super Bowl every year. They worked with major candy companies in Canada and even printed cups and wine glasses for pharmaceutical charity events. The way they were able to do so little with so few workers is because they had these incredible machines which you needed years of experience to operate. I was baffled when I first saw them–I thought computers did all of the four color or more process printing for napkins. They said no, no digital printer could handle the volume or the paper ply without jamming. Just one of these printing presses would take up my entire three bedroom apartment. The key to running them was temperature control. As long as the industrial HVAC system kept the four color process floor at 60 degrees, the machines would run perfectly. Any warmer than that, the ink would start to run and ruin the design. If the climate control was colder by just a few degrees, the ink wouldn’t coat the stamp and the entire machine could jam. I was baffled that such an enormous machine all came down to the right thermostat setting to whether it would run perfectly, or ruin a million dollar job. My boss laughed and said that’s why they always kept on top of their regular HVAC maintenance–to stop the central air conditioning from ever breaking down.

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