Our a/c just stopped

There is something about coming home to a nice cool home after spending several minutes outside in the heat. It can be a sporting event, gardening, maintenance work, or actually participating in a sport yourself: it doesn’t matter. You still get all overheated plus covered in sweat from being in the sun. As soon as you open your front door you will be so thankful that you have air conditioning. At least, that is regularly the case with me. It doesn’t matter how uncomfortably overheated I get, I think all better once I’m in my air conditioned home plus can relax with the cool air. That is why I was so disappointed last Monday when I came inside after a long afternoon tending the garden. As soon as I opened the front door I knew something was wrong. There I was, dirty, odory, plus overheated plus I entered my home plus felt that it was just as overheated inside as it was outside. This meant that there was no time to relax. Instead, I had to call up an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C dealer. They were able to come out quickly plus maintenance the situation. Then it took nearly an minute for my home to cool down once again plus I was finally able to relax plus get comfortable. I am glad that the issue was fixed. If I suppose about it, Monday actually was the best afternoon for there to be a problem. At least I was home from labor plus able to take care of the situation, but, I can tell you, when it happened it sure did not think love a fantastic time for the air conditioner to go out.


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