Our a/c is having trouble keeping our condo cool

My hubby, Vincent, plus I have been living in the same condo for over twenty years now.

Every one of us bought this condo about multiple weeks before our ceremony, so it has quite a special place in our hearts.

I cannot imagine us ever leaving this house. Every one of us have made so numerous fond memories here. All three of our children were born in this house, plus I can still picture them as little toddlers running around in the hallway. I hope that someday I will be able to see our little grandchildren running around that same hallway. Every one of us have done quite a bit of service on this seasoned house, however a single thing that the two of us never touched was the a/c. It has worked nice for us these past twenty years, so the two of us never even thought about replacing it or even getting it took care of. It was a mistake to not get it took care of because the two of us have had some troubles with it this summer. Every one of us have had some unusually moderate weather the past couple of weeks, plus our a/c has had quite a bit of trouble keeping the condo cool. Every one of us thought that maybe it was because it was just so hot, however the temperature has finally dropped back down to normal, plus the a/c is still not able to cool the condo down to the temperature that the two of us have it set at. Every one of us called an Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier plus got a quote for the cost of them just coming plus diagnosing the issue, plus it was an outrageous price. My hubby is going to see if he can fix the a/c himself to save us a lot of money.

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