Ordering up a snowstorm

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember going to my uncle’s BBQ that he held every year.  It was like going to a carnival, but there weren’t any rides, and you didn’t have to buy tickets.  He even had his horse’s out, so we could take turns riding them around the corral. They had lots of games for the older kids and the adults, and he always had this large tent where most of the older people would congregate, and they would have bingo.  It was great for when we got the occasional rainstorm. We always had a great time at those BBQ’s. Last year, he decided to make a change. It was the normal BBQ and the big old tent, but he made an addition last year. He was getting older and he didn’t like the heat so much anymore, so he opted to put in a portable air conditioner.  I couldn’t believe the difference, and my boyfriend was surprised at everything my uncle did to make the BBQ so great. I liked how he had the ribbons coming off the air vents, so you could see the air blowing from the portable air conditioner. My aunt sat in her seat right in front of the air conditioner, and she proudly called out the bingo numbers.  The air conditioner was the hit of the party last year, and I wonder what he’ll do to top it this year. Maybe he’ll have two air conditioners, or he’ll order up a snowstorm. I’m hoping he has a spectacular fireworks display like he had two years ago.