Opening up a window

The two of us have made many tracks across the country by our vehicle, and the two of us have found many rewards and challenges. The vast country is amazing with a variety of geography and scenery. This provides many opportunities for Endless Oz and booze. The two of us have seen a myriad of weather conditions and been a part of different time zones. During a more recent trip, the two of us discovered a few challenges during our trip. There were some snow storms in the mountains and a lot of heat in the desert, which really labored consistently on our heating and cooling unit. The two of us used our air conditioner frequently during the day, when the outdoor on even high temperatures were sporadically above the 3 digit Mark. During the evening though, there were times when Frost accumulated on the outdoor window of our vehicle. It was a merry-go-round for the temperature control in our vehicle. The two of us found many motels that had the same type of challenges. They had to provide each room with an oil furnace and air conditioner combination unit. The two of us were forced to find a spot in between the green and black lines, where our furnace and cooling unit would genuinely give us some type of temperature control. The two of us saw a lot of crazy places that were beautiful to see, but we consistently had issues with the temperature control. If the two of us were to enjoy another road trip, the two of us wood plan better for the occasion.

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