Open air quality – comfortable 2 weeks of the year

It’s definitely difficult living in such a foodie city, then i don’t know if you struggle with similar Temptations, however having amazing restaurants around you all the time can be quite difficult, but everybody views eating as an interest and a justifiable expense around here, then personally, I struggle with spending so much on my meals even if they are entirely delicious, but the food scene is actually amazing, even though I can constantly find a reason that my meal could be more enjoyable.

If I’m going to spend a lot of cash to go out for a dining experience, I want it to be enjoyable through and through.

That’s why I, I constantly got off when people start talking about to visiting this trendy restaurant in town. It was built to be a super eco-friendly restaurant, so they try to make it as energy efficient as possible. In fact, it uses mostly passive energy, and by this, I mean that they don’t even have a central heating and cooling system. The restaurant is essentially an open-air facility, so you are breathing in the air that flows off the street. Obviously, this can cause some air quality complications. Occasionally there are nasty cars, piles of garbage, or even worse out on that street. If there were current Heating, Ventilation, and A/C appliances, you wouldn’t have to smell every different waft, maybe I’m just picky, even though I hate smelling garbage while I’m trying to eat a fine meal. I know that they want to be trendy and climb at conscientious, however this restaurant could definitely use some air filtration if they want to keep their clients appetized.

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