Only I work the thermostat

I have the worst time on the planet trying to get some kind of sleep at night, or even the day if I have to sleep in the daytime hours.  I am the lightest sleeper and if I need a fine night sleep then I have to take a few sleeping pills, which can get quite dangerous to be totally and utterly honest with you all. I knew that when I went away to college next fall this was going to be a major problem for me. I decided to reach out to the college to see if it was possible to have a dorm room all to myself. I was so relieved when they said yeah they could do it with ease… The day I moved in I also noticed that our dorm room also had a temperature control thermostat sitting on the wall right in it. That meant I would be able to control the temperature of the room unlike all the other dorm rooms that were attached up to the same thermostat temperature control. I didn’t tell anyone else on our floor that I had my very own thermostat control on my wall simply and totally honestly because I didn’t want to draw any attention to my modern brand new and very extremely up to date discovery I found on that wall! I know having our own temperature control thermostat control unit will also help me to sleep better at night too! I am hoping that is the case at least, I genuinely don’t want our lack of sleep to affect my grades at all. I am hoping the actual dorm set up with allow myself and others who may come and visit to get at least many hours of sleep each night. I will be happy about it very much so.