Online printing company makes beautiful wedding placemats

My fiance and I were looking for a special gift to give all of our friends and family.

Some people do to-go bags and some people do shot glasses.

I have even seen some people create small centerpieces or candles. My fiance and I found an online printing company that made placemats. We got to choose any image that we wanted, and they printed that image on a placemat. They also added the date of our wedding and our names. My fiance and I were hesitant to use an online printing company, but all of the samples were stunning. The colors were Vivid and the placemats looked high quality. My fiance and I were happy with the prices, and we decided to order 500 of these wedding placemats. It took a few weeks for the items to ship, which didn’t surprise either one of us. After all, it takes a while to make 500 placemats. The order arrived a few weeks before our engagement party. My fiance and I couldn’t wait to open the box and look at our place mats. When we unwrapped all of the packages and remove the bubble wrap, the printed Place Max were even nicer than we expected. We chose a picture of us in the park with our dog, and orbit looked exactly like in the photograph. You could see every hair on his back, and every tiny spec on his pot. The placemats were so nice that my fiance and I decided to use that at our engagement party. Even though they were supposed to be a wedding gift, we couldn’t wait to show them off.

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