One of the biggest challenges of homeownership

Keeping up with all the appliances around my house is too much, even for a two-person team! My wife and I do well enough when it comes to checking in on our appliances, but most of the “maintenance” we perform on these machines is of a preventive nature. We don’t overuse the dishwasher, nor do we run the washer and dryer on a daily basis. However, the heating and air conditioning system is where we seem to have the most trouble keeping the appliance in tune! It seems like our HVAC system is always breaking down in some facet. One month, the gas furnace in our basement will be failing to keep the burners going. The next month, that furnace will somehow have a damaged flue that needs to be replaced. And that’s just the winter time! In the summer, we experience air conditioning system breakdowns left and right. While it is usually brought on by overuse of the A/C system, it gets old having to restart the unit using the thermostat every day! The worst is when the compressor inside the A/C unit freezes over. If that happens, I then have to spend the rest of the day with the heating system running, just to get the compressor to thaw out! I can’t wait until we have the money to just buy a brand-new heating and air conditioning system for the house. After all, I don’t think it would be likely that a totally new gas furnace would break down after a month of use, nor would a new A/C unit.

HVAC repairman