On time for the HVAC appointment

Our lives revolve around positive experiences. It’s always important that wherever we go we create a positive impact on who we meet. For example the other day I went through the drive-through to order a coffee to start my morning and the person who was assisting me with my order was extremely rude. The person must have just started her job because I go to this coffee shop every morning before my heating and cooling technician job. I asked what her name was and I was going to reach out to the owner of this company and put in a complaint. No matter who you work for or where you work at, it’s always important that your friendly to customers. I am extremely well trained in customer service because as a heating and cooling technician you want to make sure that you’re retaining and gaining new customers. My boss has developed a system where after every job that we complete our customers are able to fill out a survey. For example last week I went to one of my customer’s house, I was there on time for the heating and cooling appointment and I had to replace an air conditioning condenser that stopped working. I was able to get everything done quickly and efficiently and made sure that I did not track in any dirt. I am one of the top heating and cooling technicians in the company due to my five star ratings and positive customer comments on the work that I do in the heating, ventilation and cooling industry. Being involved in the heating and cooling industry for 6 years now I would say that I know what I’m doing!

HVAC set up