Old tenant causes major problems

My brother and I inherited an old farmhouse from our grandparents. Since we didn’t live in the area, we decided to rent the place to a few local folks. We had a property company in town manage the rent transactions, and all the problems that arose from day-to-day. A few months ago, the rental company called to tell us that the tenants stopped paying rent 30 days previously. They had a deal worked out with the previous tenant, so they could catch up rent. Unfortunately, the tenant did not honor the commitment and moved out instead. The property manager was at the property at the time, and he said that things were very bad. He sent a few pictures to my email, and I saw exactly what he meant. The previous tenants left the place in shambles. They ruined the carpets, broke the kitchen bathroom faucet, and destroyed the hardwood floor in the living room. The worst problem of all, was the missing HVAC units. The old farmhouse was not equipped with Central HVAC, so we had for window units in the property. There was a very large 24000 BTU HVAC unit located in the living room, and 3 smaller HVAC units located in each of the bedrooms. They were completely gone, and my brother and I had to make a special trip out to the property. Instead of purchasing brand new window units, my brother and I decided to spend the money to add a central HVAC unit. Even though it was quite an expensive project, it will allow us to charge a lot more for rent.

HVAC unit