Off season busy for small HVAC shop

My family and I have a small HVAC repair and installation shop. We aren’t very busy during some times of the year. We live in a tourist area that is only busy during the spring, summer, and fall months. We hardly have any busy days during the winter, but we stay open. There are some full-time residents on the cape, and we are there for emergencies, new furnace installations, and general maintenance problems. During the past winter season, my family and I were very busy. One of the bed and breakfast establishments on the cape decided to make some necessary upgrades. They made the upgrades during the winter months, before the peak season began in March. They decided to get rid of all of the old HVAC equipment. They wanted to upgrade to a mini-split HVAC system in each one of their 13 rooms. For my family and I, that is quite a tall order. The HVAC job took an entire week, and six of our staff Engineers. I was on scene as well, as the company manager and co-owner. I thought it would take nine days to complete all of the work, but my HVAC crew finished the job in eight days. All of the old HVAC equipment was donated to a charity, and the charity will be able to make a profit on some of the old furnace and air conditioners. My family and I had a profitable winter season for our HVAC company, instead of a lackluster performance. When it comes time to hire a summer technician, my family and I won’t need to worry about spending the extra funds.

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