Observing the mini split

A few days ago, I got the biggest laugh from my nine year old daughter. Somebody had mentioned mini-split in his presence and my daughter, who is big on dressing up, readily assumed that it had to do with clothing. Excitedly, she asked if I’d buy her a mini skirt. When I asked why, she told me she just heard that mini-splits are the rage and she didn’t want to feel left out. Then, she told me she wanted her mini skirt to have two splits, one on either side! After I had managed to stop laughing, I explained to her that mini split had to do with HVAC or temperature control. The “split” I told her, referred to the fact that one half of the system is install inside and the other, outside. The outside portion my be a generator or air pump, I continued to explain, while the inner portion was the air handler. She has lost interest by the time I began telling her about how it supported zone control, and that because each room had its own thermostat, there is no need to have in turned on in an unoccupied room, and that this saves energy.

Then I took her hand and led her over to our own mini split HVAC unit. She seemed somewhat enlightened by the new information but observed that ‘mini split’ was a rather silly name for a machine.When I asked what name she would give to our cooling/heating unit, she responded: “Just plain HVAC”. She could have a point!

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