Now that I am an HVAC technician, I realized that this job isn’t right for me.

When I got out of high school, I honestly thought that I had the perfect plan.

I was going to skip college and immediately learn a trade.

I figured since trades paid you to learn, I would be able to further my education and get paid for it. Plus, by learning a trade, I would have greater job security than if I got a degree in something. I decided to get a job with our local HVAC company. I had always been interested in machines, and furnaces and air conditioners were among the types of devices that I was interested in. The HVAC company paid its workers well, and they would provide the training that I would need to be certified. After working for them for a few years, I realized that the HVAC field is definitely not for me. Sure, I like taking apart air conditioners and furnaces, but there is much more to it than that. I spend a lot of time crawling under or over houses, checking wires and pipes for HVAC units. I spend time out in the rain, heat, and cold working on outside portions of an air conditioner. The job is dirty, difficult, and demanding! However, I was already so far into my apprenticeship that I figured that I might as well become an official HVAC technician. However, now that I did that, I am still convinced that the HVAC field isn’t right for me. I wish I would have just pulled out when I had an opportunity. I feel like I am stuck being an HVAC technician forever!
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