Now I need a chair

When I told my mother I planned to work with an interior designer to furnish my home, she thought I was wasting my money.   She didn’t see why I couldn’t simply visit the local furniture store and department store to get everything I needed. Since I was looking to create a identifiable  style and continuity throughout the house, I knew I needed some help. I didn’t want to waste my money on generic, pressboard furniture, or end up with a decor that looked  cheap and cluttered. I read reviews online and finally selected a custom furniture shop that’s been around for over a hundred years. Part of their service includes free design consultation, which was exactly what I needed.  I set up an appointment, and a design specialists spent many hours at the house, going through every room. He took detailed measurements, asked about my expectations, and made a lot of suggestions. I was happy that the custom furniture shop is able to handle everything, from the window treatments and bedding to the new couch and kitchen table.  And, they actually made everything themselves, from scratch, completely in-house. There’s no worry about finding the perfect piece to suit the size and style of the space. Whether I need an odd-shaped table, oversized couch or special length of draperies, they create the item to fit perfectly. With the help of the design specialists, I was able to totally revitalize my indoor space, improving comfort, beauty, and enjoyment.  The quality of the fabric, wood and all of the materials helps to resist stains, tears, and everyday wear and tear, ensuring it will hold up and continue to look nice. The design consultant paid close attention to energy savings, tailoring the draperies to keep the rooms warmer in the Winter and block sunlight during the summer. Once the project was finished, my mother admitted that calling a custom designer to handle the renovations of my house was a smart decision.  

custom chair