Now I gotta find a dog bite attorney!

There is nothing you could do to get me to leave rural MI.

The green hues on the tree leaves each summer paint a gorgeous backdrop to the landscape that goes in every direction.

I prefer going to the water plus taking a dip or casting out a fishing line to catch a fish or two. Although my boys are still too young to fish, the three of us can still wade in the water with my wife sitting on the sidelines having a good time. Although the Winter seasons are harsh plus unrelenting, there is a gentler side of MI that is revealed when life starts again each year following the winter thaw. Since we live so far out of the city, we’re fortunate to be secluded from all of the harsh cities. We have a sense of peace and solitude that few ever experience in life, regardless of whatever country or town they live in. Even with all of these ideals, I still had to take my daughter to the emergency room a few days ago after getting bitten by the neighbor’s dog. We were all out in the front yard just an hour before dinner 1 night when I heard barking plus the sound of an animal running at a fast clip in our direction. The dog lunged for my daughter plus I had to hurt it with a shovel to save my daughter’s life. My wife caught the entire event on camera, but the neighbor still insists he can press charges for his dog’s minor injuries. Even after showing him my daughter’s injuries and telling him I had a video, the guy is pissed. I need to find a personal injury lawyer for dog bites but there are none in this section of MI.



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