Not to be underestimated

Having lived in a small town my whole life I have gotten used to being around people who are small minded.

There has never been much in this town that has changed and the people who live there like it that way. Back when I was younger and I started taking courses to become a certified HVAC tech I was the talk of the town for quite a while. I was the first woman who had enrolled in courses to become an HVAC repair tech and the people in town didn’t know what to do with themselves. About a year later once I became certified it was extremely difficult for me to pin down a job. In my opinion I was one of the best up and coming HVAC repair techs in the area, but due to my gender nobody in my town or the surrounding towns were interested in hiring me. I ended up having to pack up and move three hours away before I was able to find an HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling company to work with. Now that I have been working with this company that doesn’t care I am a woman I have been able to prove that my skill and hard work is just as good and even better than the men who also work here as HVAC repair techs. The company back at home sure could have benefited from my talents as an HVAC repair tech but due to their ignorance they missed out. I hope that they learned their lesson and won’t shy away from hiring another woman in the future after this experience.


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