Not qualified

You never expect to a professional to get stumped on a job, but it happens frequently in the HVAC business. With technology constantly changing, there is always something new in the business. When we started installing a programmable thermostat, not every technician knew how to install the wireless connectivity. The same was true 40 years ago, when they first started to install air conditioners. The air conditioner technology was very new, and many company technicians did not have the knowledge to fix these high-tech machines. This is one of the biggest reasons why there is an industry standard for HVAC certification. Each technician must prove Proficiency in a number of subjects, before they can be deemed certified in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning repair and installation. When I graduated from night school, half of my class couldn’t pass the HVAC certification test. It even took me two times, because the technology changed during my two years of school. There is so much to learn, and everything is hands on. Last month, my HVAC company sent us to a convention so we could learn all about new solar heating options. We spent eight hours a day sitting in a classroom, but I learned a lot. The company even paid for a nice hotel with an indoor swimming pool. Two of my co-workers and I attended the solar heating options convention. By day, we sat in the classroom and listened to the lecture. By night, we turned into some serious party animals. That was one of the most fun learning experiences, since freshman year of college.

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