Not happy with heat pumps

When I found out I was pregnant again, my husband and I discussed moving out of our apartment and getting a home of our own.  We knew it wouldn’t be that much more expensive than renting, and we would have a lot more room. We thought we had really lucked out when we quickly found the home we wanted, and it had a heat pump.  He had been looking around for heating systems ever since we had decided to move, and from everything he read, a heat pump was supposed to be really efficient and inexpensive to use. Neither of us had a clue that it would much different than a regular furnace, but we were way off base in that assumption.  When it began to get chilly, we decided to turn on the heat pump and see how it worked. We normally keep our thermostat at a really low temperature, to save on our energy bills. We set the thermostat low, but when the heat pump turned on, it made a weird sound, and it was constantly turning on and off. The previous owner didn’t leave us any paperwork on the heat pump, so we called the HVAC company.  He told us that our heat pump worked opposite of a normal heating system. If you set the thermostat higher, the heat pump was able to bring the temperature up and it would not be cycling as often. He told us that it was a bigger expense when the heat pump turned on and off, than it was to heat the house.

electric heat pump