Not exactly pleased with the new apartment building

When I finally received a promotion at work & started making more money, I could afford a much nicer apartment! I was unquestionably thrilled to move into a more modern apartment building located downtown.

  • The building advertised all sorts of conveniences & amenities.

I had access to a crucial fitness center with an impressive array of state-of-the-art equipment. There was laundry facilities, a game room & conference rooms. One of the sizable selling points of the dwelling was the temperature control. The utilities were included within the rent. There were 3 separate thermostats within the apartment, allowing for zoned heating & cooling. It wasn’t until I moved in that I came to realize some of the setbacks. Three independent thermostats within a fairly small dwelling is ridiculous. I easily didn’t need to set a bizarre temperature between our tiny bedroom & tiny living room. Because the building was easily temperature controlled, the windows were unable to be opened. The management of the building determined whether it was the proper time of year for heating or air conditioning use. If the lot of us happened to get an unusually cold day in July, I was basically stuck with using the air conditioner appliance. All I could do was turn it down. If the weather happened to overheated up in January, I had no way to prevent an influx of heat from the HVAC vents. The location of the apartment building was also a sizable problem. Being located downtown was unbelievable for the close proximity to shopping & nightlife, however, trying to find a parking locale was consistently a hard time. I only stayed in that modern apartment building for a single year.



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