Not allowed to turn on the heater yet

I love when friends come to visit on random occasion. Spending impromptu time with my favorite humans on the planet is a coveted time, and I entirely love showing them a nice time! Since I’ve moved they have come down to see myself and others a few times so far. It thrills me to hear them say nice things about where I currently reside, and one of the  greatest crowd pleasers offered is simply taking advantage of the superior weather conditions in this area! You see, I previously lived in the northern midwest. It was fantastic to live there while we were in the summertime, but the Wintertime season was completely miserable all the time! The outdoor air temperature was practically locked at zero degrees most day, and windchill made it feel closer to -10 every day! Oh, it was the worst. The wind and snow would never stop, and there were horrific ice storms that crippled the county too! Where I live now, on the other hand, it is semi-tropical all year round. Even on the coldest day possible, it still feels like a sauna when my friends come to see me. That’s how I got away with entertaining my 4 friends without any central heat this past weekend! Just as our pals pulled into the driveway, I heard a terrible sound from the gas furnace downstairs. Soon the beach house was decreasing in temperature, little by little. The control unit didn’t seem to make any difference, and I knew that eventually this system would need to be repaired before it would work as intended again.

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