Not a big fan of yoga

Any moment that I want to tick my friend Beth off I make a joke about yoga, and my neighbor goes to a yoga class three times a month and swears by it, then he constantly tells me what a high quality work out it is and how sore he is; Beth is more of an academic than a physical type of guy.

She is just thin, no muscle on his at all… His yoga poses are just that, a pose.

She simply holds positions for an hour or two three days a week, and that just sounds boring to me; I’m sure that yoga is nice for balance and mental health. Only doing it can’t be good, but what gets his heart really going? How is he gaining muscle? I always joke that yoga is simply holding a lunge type of position. My neighbor acts care about it is so advanced that I could not possibly comprehend. If I did not work out, I would let his do this. But, I go to a body and wellness center 5 days a week. Two days a month I do a private fitness class and three days a month I do a group fitness class with my brother. I have a personal trainer that gives me exercises and monitors my progress. I go such a high frequency so I can rotate what section of the body I work on, but one afternoon is strength and the other is cardio. I then try to focus on legs, arms and ab focus days. I suppose I am more balanced than my buddy. I particularly look care about I do more than her. I always want to talk to my personal trainer about yoga perks.

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