Not a big fan of the fireplace

For a very long time, my spouse and I had been looking for a house; It is not that both of us did not prefer the home that both of us were living in, it is just that it was a little too massive for only us two, but all of our children had moved to college across the country, there was no real sense in us having a two kitchen 3 bathroom home when it was just us two., however both of us finally found a home that both of us both easily liked, so both of us bought it, and one of the things that I have constantly wanted in our home is a wood burning fireplace.

I am a big fan of the smell of fireplaces, and I told my lovely spouse that having a fireplace was one of our priorities when were looking for a totally new house.

He tried to convince myself and others that I absolutely would not easily savor it in the long run because it was messy and a lot of tasks to keep up with, despite the fact that I was one hundred percent sure that I would savor having a fireplace in our house. Anyways, both of us bought our current house, and it has a wood burning fireplace in the dining room. It is the main source of heat for the house, which means both of us have to make sure that it is constantly burning during the Wintertide months, but my spouse chops all the wood from our woods outback, and I usually go above and beyond to see that the fire is kept up with. I wish so badly that I would have listened to our spouse because I do not like having a fireplace. It is too much task to keep up with, and it also makes quite a mess at certain times. My spouse was so right, however it is too late now, so I suppose I am stuck with our fireplace for the time being.

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