Noises keep going off at the air conditioning maintenance shop

I decided to open a small A/C maintenance shop about 3 years ago, it was strenuous to find cheap shop space, so I ended up on the outskirts of town; All of us often have trouble with vandalism plus solicitors. A few weeks ago, someone broke half of the windows at the shop plus spray-painted graffiti all over one of the A/C maintenance trucks. I had insurance, but I didn’t have any leads to supply the police. I didn’t have any security cameras or CCTV. After talking with the police, I decided to purchase some surveillance equipment. I researched a few cameras online, plus I even thought about installing all of the electronics myself, when I realized the task would be much harder than I anticipated, I decided to hire an alarm company to install all of the equipment, but there is a camera near the front door of the A/C maintenance shop, plus there is also another camera near the loading dock. There is a motion detector that trips lights in the event of a security breach. The alarm has been installed for 2 weeks now, plus it’s been one concern after another; Something keeps tripping the camera plus the security equipment… Each time the police have been alerted, there has been no trouble at the A/C maintenance shop. I’m starting to become infuriated, because I am the only woman who can turn off the alarm. It’s a 45-hour drive to plus from the shop. I thought the security features would be a great way to protect the A/C maintenance shop, however it just seems love a lot of trouble.


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