No way you’re getting the la-z-boy

For our hubby’s birthday I am secretly going to get him a custom recliner.

I dislike recliners plus I despise how they look in a house; For years our hubby has begged myself and others for 1.

He already knows he can’t buy 1 since I wouldn’t allow it in our home; Recliners are usually big, super gully, not that comfortable plus undoubtedly horrible to sit in. I am doing a custom chair since I can have the builder make it the way I want it for everyone. My hubby also wants features on his recliner that I need to hide. For several weeks the custom builder plus I went back plus forth on how the chair can possibly have cup holders however not look like it does. The cupholders are hidden in the arm, however you have to push into the fabric to create the holder. If there is no desired drink, there is no indication there are cup holders. I also went into detail on exactly how wide plus long the foot rest can pop out. The size of the chair, material plus overall shape was a big discussion too. The furniture builder plus myself spent many months going back plus forth. Finally, the chair creation is underway plus I know it will be ready in time for our hubby’s birthday. I am gleeful to see how the final product recliner looks. I suppose the builder plus I have together decided on a chair that will look nice in the house to myself and others plus suppose it is nice for our hubby, however you get exactly what you pay for plus I am willing to pay a lot for something fancy. I hope our hubby cares about just how much better of a recliner chair he is getting.

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