No more pain in my knee

I now smoke a couple of times a week to keep the pain levels lowered

In college I was a soccer player. My muscles have seen a lot of use and abuse. For a long time I just lived with chronic pain due to our soccer days. My right knee hurt to the point that I could not sit, squat or rest for long periods of time. My shoulders hurt to lay on them when I slept. I also would frequently get foot pain that would have me crawling to the powder room when I needed to go to the bathroom. Thankfully I found a natural solution to help our pain out. I did not want to rely on addictive meds or do a bunch of medical procedures. I wanted something easier and cleaner. I went to a marijuana dispensary near me to talk to a budtender. The budtender was great at recomending products that reduce inflammation in the muscles and help with chronic pain. I now have a legal pot in our loft to treat our sore muscles. I started out smoking each morning. I would then do a loose stretch of our muscles, eat a good meal and afterwards task out. After doing this for about a few weeks, I noticed that our knee was not as sore, our shoulder pain was basically fixed and my feet seemed great. I now smoke a couple of times a week to keep the pain levels lowered. In between smoking I make sure to stretch first thing in the morning and after a great work out. I also eat foods known for stopping inflammation in the body and I try to cut back on activities that flare up our pain.

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