No more cold floors

Living in a place where the cold months are more extreme than other areas is not good for anyone, much less people who have arthritis like my hubby or sensitive skin like me.

Springtime and summer time are the most beneficial seasons to us, and we all would work in the warm summer weather and walk around barefoot.

I told my hubby that wes weren’t getting any younger. So, we needed to make some changes in our apartment to make us and company more comfortable. I was tired of seeing our children and grandchildren walk around and be shivering. Our apartment should be a home for our family even during the overly freezing months. Finally, my hubby was able to find the right HVAC contractor who was able to get us a good deal on having radiant floors installed in our home. The process was not even as bad as I have imagined. It didn’t take long at all. When Thanksgiving rolled around, I was incredibly happy to see all the people cozy and toasty on the floor, sipping hot drinks. It was a bonus to see that no one had the sniffles or head colds while staying with us. I remember the same thing happening all those years ago, even when I turned up the heater. I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. Next year, I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone feeling uncomfortable or sick anymore. I already know that my entire family will be comfortable together when the fall and winter seasons arrive once more


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