No AC in the house

I am not used to working all night anymore.  For years I would work night shift. There was no air conditioning in the building, so working nights was actually a good thing.  There was always a light breeze and I would leave the building fan running which kept a constant stream of air blowing through. Even the most humid of nights was tolerable because of the ventilation in that building.  It has been ten years since I worked nights, but this week, I was finding myself pulling an all nighter. I had a deadline to meet and I couldn’t quit what I was doing. My central air conditioning had gone down and it was hot in the house.  I had a window air conditioner, which was put in our bedroom, so my husband and I could sleep. I couldn’t take away his air conditioning, so I was sitting in my office, trying to stay awake, and sweating in the hot and humid air. I’m not sure how I completed my work and got it sent in because I was getting very sleepy without the cooling of the AC.  I didn’t have any noise, without the AC, which was also kind of eerie. I called the HVAC company at one point and asked if they couldn’t please make an emergency call. They told me they had a technician coming out at 9AM to fix the air conditioning. Because of the heat wave, they just couldn’t get anyone to our house any sooner. I made my husband get up and wait for the HVAC technician while I took a cold shower, hoping to wash away the fog of working all night without AC.

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