No a/c unit when I was a kid, now its normal

I don’t want to sound like “that typical old person” but it is so crazy how spoiled the younger generation are these days and they don’t even know it! I just returned from a camping trip with my daughter and her kids, and the trip had me thinking back to when I was just a boy. Back when I was growing up, we didn’t have any form of air conditioning in the house. You heard correct, not a single unit, not even a high powered fan to keep the air flowing. I never felt the amazing relief of an air conditioning unit until I was in high school on a field trip to a museum. It was such a lovely and refreshing feeling, and I truly felt thankful just to be there to feel it. Nowadays however, the young generation like my grandkids couldn’t care less about air conditioning and how special it is! In fact, they see it less like a privilege and more like something they are entitled to for some reason. During our weekend long camping trip, all I heard from my grandkids other than the typical “can we go home” was “why don’t we have any a/c here?”. Somehow, they are so spoiled and used to having modern amenities like a/c that they are totally surprised when there isn’t a state of the art a/c unit built into an old tent. Don’t get me wrong, I love the advances that HVAC technology has made for human beings as a whole, but sometimes it really does make me feel like I am from another planet when I am around the younger generation

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