NO a/c on the long car ride

Every summer, for as long as I can remember, our family spends two weeks at our timeshare in the mountains. We head up in the summer during school break and it is a blast!  We invite our family and friends from all over the country to come and cram together into the condo. Each year, there is one issue that seems unavoidable, my brother gets car sick along the way!  In order to get to our vacation, we have to drive for hours, and even though he takes medicine, he is miserable the entire time. He doesn’t like being in the car, and makes everyone else miserable too. We try talking to him to take his mind off things, but, he says he needs to focus on the road to keep from getting nauseous!  One year, an hour into our trip, the cooling system went out. I thought we had complications before, however when the car started to heat up my brother said he was going to throw up!. Dad quickly stopped at the next rest area to try and find ways to ease the heat until the trip was over. Mom had us walk around a bit and then change into cooler clothing.  Dad found some water bottles and made some paper fans. Although this helped a little, we were still melting and uncomfortable. Thankfully, the next town had repair shop that charged the coolant so the system was up and running again. I was really happy when we arrived at the condo. We all got the car unpacked and headed to the lake for a nice refreshing swim.

ac system