Nine years later

My wife and I were reminiscing over dinner the other night and realized how fortunate we really are.  Life has improved for us greatly over the years and we never really thought we would be where we are now.  Just nine short years ago we were barely able to live paycheck to paycheck and now we have resources well beyond what we need. This didn’t happen by chance but, by hard work and luck.  The hard work came from going to school and working full time to earn my accreditation as an HVAC design technician. This is different from a repair technician because I am paid to ensure that new or replacement HVAC  systems will provide the proper air flow, heating and cooling required for both residential and commercial spaces. Some companies have very specific needs such as medical facilities. These need to maintain cooler temperatures at times for labs or exam rooms.  If a room as a lot of machinery such as x-ray or MRI units, the cooling requirements are much greater than that of a normal patient exam room. This is due to the immense heat that these units generate. The luck part of this equation comes into play as my best friend was the contractor on a new office complex and gave me a heads up so I could submit a proposal ahead of some of the larger companies.  My boss was so impressed that he made me head of the department and that came with a hefty raise. Yes, we have worked hard to achieve the success we have but now we can enjoy some of the finer things in life without worry of breaking the bank.

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