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He spends more money on wine in a month than I spend in a year. His new beach house is gorgeous, as well as in a quiet space of town. he has a big kitchen with all the modern appliances. The rest of his home is lovely as well. It wouldn’t matter to myself and his other friends if he lived in a less impressive house, but it is nice to have the luxuries that he does. The most amazing thing about his beach house by far is his top of the linewine cellar. It is unusual to have a basement at all in our area. He purchased a home with a basement with the idea of turning it into a wine cellar. The wine cellar is connected to its own Air Conditioning system. Heat can destroy wine in a short amount of time, while cooling protects wine. In order to store wine, you must have reliable cooling, but since we all live in a part that is often the victim of floods and hurricanes, he has installed a generator to run the cooling system in the wine cellar in case of a loss of power. The cooling system in the home doesn’t even have a generator, however the cooling system in the wine cellar does. He has invested way too much currency in his wine collection not to take precautions. All those bottles of wine would be ruined separate from cooling system, so even though it seems odd, it’s almost ingenius. Having a cooling system for your wine. He is protecting his investment. Virtually all companies have generators to produce enough energy for cooling their office buildings, so why would it be any different for a wine cellar?

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