New programmable thermostat works great

My wife and I had to replace our heat pump and air conditioner this year. We knew the time was coming for a few years, because the air conditioner wasn’t working very well in the summer. We had a few warm spots in the house, and the air didn’t seem as ice cold as in previous years.

              During the last 13 years, my wife and I have had to pay for two major repairs to the heat pump and air conditioner. We always have an annual inspection and tune-up, and I perform some monthly cleaning as well. During the monthly cleaning, I change the air filter, clean the air vents, and clear the drain line. I also go outside and use the leaf blower to remove any lawn and garden debris from the air conditioner. Sometimes it’s filled with leaves and dirt. All of the monthly maintenance really helps increase the longevity of our household machine. We are just now starting to see some signs of wear and tear. My wife and I made an appointment to meet with the HVAC provider next Saturday.

                 We are both off of work, and we can meet with the HVAC provider to discuss our options. I’m not sure if we need a new heat pump and air conditioner right now, but I know the time is definitely getting close. If we don’t replace the system on Saturday, we will probably do it some time later this year. As long as they can fix the air conditioner right now, I’m game to wait a few more months.