New owners get a playground constructed

The original owners of this apartment complex intended it to be for folks 55 and over.

It was kind of a retirement complex.

No kids allowed. As a result all it has is apartments and a small gym. When we acquired the apartment complex we decided to change all that. After all, the retirement complex idea was not doing very well, that is why they sold it. Also, an elementary school was built about two blocks away and we really want to capitalize on that. So the apartment complex now is kid and family friendly. We didn’t think we would have to do much, besides change the wording in the lease, however it has become clear that the kids really need a playground. That is why we hired a construction company to construct a playground on the premises. We decided to have the playground constructed out near the duck pond and to make it really fun. There is all sorts of stuff for the kids to climb on, swing in, and play with. The playground construction company did an excellent job as well. I am not worried about anything breaking or injuring any children. In fact, I suspect the playground will be around for the next few decades at least. The kids and parents seem to like this addition. But now they are asking about constructing a pool. That is a great idea but I am not sure where we would put a pool unless we use up most of the parking lot. So I guess they will just have to be happy with the playground for now.


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