New outdoor pieces are the talk of the street

I recently had a custom furniture builder over to my little family beach house to make custom made rocking chairs.

I wanted wooden rocking chairs to place nicely on my front porch. My hubby plus I enjoy the plan of sitting outside each day in the afternoon chatting, reading or enjoying birds, however all the outdoor chairs I found online looked cheap plus were not right for our heights. So, while the custom furniture builder was at the beach house I asked for another small project to be done simultaneously. The mail truck never can find our beach house these days since the beach house numbers are so small… Basically I asked the guy to please just create a wooden stick with our numbers on it. I just said an immense stick with numbers plus left it at that. I recently got my pieces from the furniture builder plus they are nothing short of amazing. The rocking chairs are made out of oak plus look just beautiful. They honestly are the perfect size, intricately made plus honestly make our front porch look super classy, then even with all of that, I enjoy the beach house numbers more, somehow. The guy made our home numbers out of wood plus had them almost curl together vertically. He then carefully stained each number a peculiar color to make each read out clearly. The numbers are giant as well. I have stuck the numbers at the end of the driveway plus I know all the people can find my locale now. It is much classier plus more elaborate than I was ever expecting.