New HVAC Factory Moving Into Town

They had a particularly sizable article on the news this last Monday about our local HVAC company.

The HVAC company which started out as a small thing for years will be building a manufacturing plant! Yes that’s right! Our little family owned HVAC company in our neighborhood is expanding to start manufacturing HVAC as well as installing them! This is just particularly awesome news because it will be a boon in our area.

The two of us are just a little remote area in the west. The family that owns the local HVAC company particularly knows how to promote themselves and there will be jobs available in the HVAC factory. The nice thing about this, in addition to creating jobs, is that in celebration of the big expanding they are doing, they are offering everyone who’s been a longstanding client free Heating & A/C maintenance for the month! That means all the community members in our little neighborhood wants their central heating & a/c tuned up or if they want their heating system tuned up they can get it without cost! The same deal covers any kind of heating system or a/c split downs. Heating & A/C maintenance is free this month to local loyal clients also. If anything this will make the local HVAC company an even more valuable asset to ur community. If I were young again, I might like to work in the new HVAC factory that will be opening up soon.

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